Lucky Dube: A peaceful, non-violent musician who died in a 'Crazy World.'

Lucky Dube: A peaceful, non-violent musician who died in a 'Crazy World.' 

Dedicated to Lucky Dube and Kwesi Hudson

During the Apartheid era, South Africans didn't only suffer grim terror and brutalities but also institutionalized racism, segregation, and discrimination. Apartheid was a weapon which took its toll on South Africans both physically and psychologically.

Plagued by the medical genocide Aids, after Apartheid, South Africa is now listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Murder, armed robbery, and muggings rule the streets of cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban.

Dr. Carswell's escape from Uganda to South Africa after deliberate AIDS infection.

The reality of Allan Paton's 'Cry My Beloved Country' has overshadowed the country, and disappointed South Africans, expecting the flow of milk and honey after the fall of Apartheid, are pouring their anger and frustration on immigrants.

September last year, the Independent newspaper reported that South Africa's murder rate increased by 4.9 percent in the last year, to more than 50 people killed every day. In total, there were 18,673 homicides in the 12 months to March 2016, official statistics show. This is up from 17,805 in the previous year.

The brutal murder of Lucky Dube

On October 18, 2007, just three years after interviewing Lucky Dube, the South African reggae legend, the reggae world received the most devastating news of the brutal murder of the musician.

Lucky Dube, every knows that was a man who never encourages violence in his music but he met his violent death in a 'Crazy World,' a remarkable song he composed.

On the hunt for a Chrysler to hijack, Lucky Dube drove and stopped near the three armed robbers later identified as S'fiso Mhlanga, Ludwe Gxowa and Mbuti Mabe. They attacked Lucky Dube and some shots were fired.

He wants to flee the scene but crashed his car and died instantly. Till now many still can't get over the death of Lucky Dube.  The United Nations’ latest report on crime shows South Africa has halved its murder rate, but still remains one of the most violent countries in the world for homicide.

Interview with Lucky Dube:

The killing of my cousin, Kwesi Hudson

The violence in South Africa is indeed out of control. On Sunday, January 29, thirty minutes after midnight, Mr. Kwesi Hudson, the manager of the Sakhumzi restaurant in Vilakazi Street, Soweto, was shot dead during an attempted robbery, the Gauteng police confirmed on Monday.

The marketing manager of the restaurant, Archie Tsoku, confirmed that the restaurant was already closed when three men demanded to be let in. “That is when Kwesi, as manager, tried to explain and apologize that the restaurant had just closed.”

Archie said the men demanded to check if all doors were really locked, and that is when Kwesi took a walk with them towards the door. “Kwesi was a very patient man and he did as they asked.

“They seemed to have reached an understanding and were on their way out when one of them pulled out a gun and fired two shots at Kwesi.

“One hit him in the upper abdomen and the other in the head as he lay on the floor,” Archie said staff who were waiting for their shuttle ran for their lives. “Neighbours who saw the incident claimed the three men ran to a white microbus that had three other men inside.

“This is our second robbery. We had another one last November, he said. “We are not the only place that has been attacked on this street. “Other businesses have been robbed. It is starting to frustrate us,” said Archie.

Sakhumzi Maqubela, the owner of the restaurant, said he was saddened because he had worked with Kwesi for 10 years. Captain Kay Makhubela of the SAPS confirmed a case of murder had been opened.
Police are hunting for the gang.

Mr. Kwesi Hudson, since both of us, is in the same age group, had been very close to me throughout my youthful days. His father, the late Mr. K.B. Hudson, my mother's (Nancy Hudson) brother, was the first Ghanaian Marine Radio Officer. Kwesi Hudson's sister is Kate Hudson, a well-known journalist at the Daily Graphic, in Tema, Ghana.

A past student of Tema Secondary School, Kwesi Hudson was one of the brilliant students' teachers were proud of. Like a teacher, he thought me many things, including mathematics. During long-term vacation, we worked together at Lever Brothers Ghana Limited at Tema. About seven years ago, he visited his sisters in London and I took the opportunity to see him.

It was one of the happiest moments in my life when I saw Kwesi because the last time we saw each other was in our twenties. We had a lengthy discussion about interesting events that occurred during those good old days.  I have lost a great cousin.

For his kindness, devotion, and selfless support, Kwesi Hudson will always be remembered. 


After 70 million infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people dead, celebrities couldn't protest, even though America is responsible for this medical genocide

After 70 million infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people dead, celebrities couldn't protest, even though America is responsible for this medical genocide

One of the ailments of the society is hypocrisy. It is everywhere, including Hollywood and in the music field. They only identify themselves if they want to impress the world that they care about mankind, yet only a few truly care about humanity.

During the elections, some notable celebrities reacted to Trump's win and spoke against him. It's shocking that some of the comments against Trump were indeed distasteful and insignificant just because of hate and disappointment many Americans can't get over it. For example, on Twitter, Sarah Silverman compares Trump's presidency to the great depression. Why?

In many circumstances, it's always good for one to remain silent than to raise the voice trying to impress people that you care about humanity or the world. According to the World Health Organization, 70 million people are infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people have died.

Why many Americans against Trump, instead of those responsible for the medical bio-weapons that had killed both millions of Africans and Americans and still killing? Thus, for a very long time the world expects the American celebrities to react and do something about this, instead, everyone is quiet.

Trump and the secret bio-weapons plants in America which one is a threat to the world? On the screen, you act and perform and surely, you enjoy being the talk of the town by those who admire you. But what love do you have for those deliberately murdered by your country?

Do you want to save Hollywood or your career as film stars? Why can't you protest against those responsible for the medical genocide like how you did against Trump? It's a total disgrace to each one of you. The day Hollywood will collapse, you'll surely hear the voice of the murdered Aids and Ebola victims from the grave.

Angelina Jolie was in Africa to hug a child suffering from a nodding syndrome, another sickness caused by the use of Mycotoxin bioweapon by America. Probably she knows that nodding syndrome is one of the Americans man-made diseases. However, how many celebrities have gone to Uganda or Tanzania to see those suffering children?

Yet, celebrities like Meryl Streep, John Legend, Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, Madonna, Cynthia Nixon, Robert De Niro etc, want to convince the world and make us believe that Trump is the most dangerous American president on earth. This is pure hypocrisy.

If they really care about the world, they shouldn't come out to blow their horns against Trump policies because his policies had neither destroyed America nor the world than the deliberate man-made or laboratory engineered diseases called Aids and Ebola by America.

Do these selfish celebrities think they are better than those millions deliberately killed America? For ages, this medical crime is being covered up and all the right information is suppressed, likewise Ebola, but we never heard the voice of any celebrity demanding answers from the American government over those medical crimes.

There is time for everything, a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to cry, a time to be happy. It is now time for those responsible for the medical crimes to come out of the closet. America, Belgium, France, Britain, Holland etc, please come forward.

Donald Trump has promised to make America great once again but in what way president Trump? Please, not only to tighten up immigration issues.  America has murdered thousands of innocent people including Africans with bio-weapons, such as Aids, Burkitt lymphoma, Ebola etc, so bring them out.

There are certain things that can’t be ignored or pretended to be normal. The Aids and Ebola bio-weapon crimes are some of them because they involved the mass murder of innocent people that will never rest in their graves until justice is served. And until that true justice is given to them Europe and America will never know peace.

The selected images of the header of our blog are not for fun. They were purposely used to constantly demand answers from the culprits who callously and deliberately murdered and inflicted such terrible diseases on them. The images are constantly staring at the faces of the guilty the reason they are restless.

They have done everything from the suppression of information to the banning of our articles on certain social platforms but nothing works. Last month, we were banned from 'Reddit' and this week from '' But the more they ban us the more we work hard to spread the message because their actions show that they are scared of something. But why are you scared of if you haven't done anything wrong?

"Ya running away, running away, running away but you can't run away from yourself. You might have done something wrong. Why you can't find the place where you belong?" Sings Bob Marley in 'Running Away.' That's the exact situation of the American government and those European countries involved in the medical genocide.

"Innocent blood can't be shed and the dead can't be mocked." That's the warning from the victims of Aids and Ebola to everyone or country that played a role in these medical genocides.


A sea of Ebola victims buried at the Waterloo cemetery in Sierra Leone

A sea of Ebola victims buried at the Waterloo cemetery in Sierra Leone

In America and Europe, educated white people with elitist attitude, have a blind eye to the real needs of Africans.  The domination and manipulation of black people by the so-called elites have devastated effects on the African continent beyond remedy.

Soldiers, scientists and politicians occupying high positions in Europe and America, must now realize within the second millennium, the destruction and aggression which took place in the last two hundred years in Africa, leaving the continent handicap with poverty and diseases.

I am a scientist (Johan Van Dongen) and since I didn't take part in this horrible crime against mankind, I am free to say that Africa is used as a dumping ground for unwanted drugs, for testing of drugs and for exposing people to bio-warfare products. The deliveries of war materials to the wrong regimes have adversely affected the continent as well.

Actually, it seems that Africa is not part of this world because the people have been seriously abused and degraded as if they are not human beings with brain walking around on the continent. Yet Africans are same products of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics realized as whites.

So what is the reason white rulers treat blacks unfairly? Many Europeans and Americans do not realize that there is a black American president. In this way, are we not aware that an educated black can also occupy a top position throughout the world? Of course, we do, but to what extent nowadays if we look over the African continent?

For four decades; I did investigations / research to reveal that Aids, Ebola, and many other deadly diseases were medical crimes against Africa. I can't follow their evil deeds, so I'm the enemy today. But that's not what bothers me, because the evil one sows, the same he shall reap. In order to scrape everything together to provide some counterweight to the destructive way in which Africans have suffered at the hands of whites, I can say that I am ashamed. Yes, I can also say that I can understand the suffering of Africans.

Every word of a white mouth seems as empty as the promises that he gives to the people on the continent of Africa. It is always easy for Europe and America to manipulate Africa, because of the corrupt regimes. 

Since Africa is the leading continent in corruption, Europe and America support and pay bribes to the corrupt African leaders to remain in power. The corrupt African leaders like that, so how do you expect them to accuse Europe and America of medical crimes against the continent?

The only thing that really holds water as described, is that Africans are intelligent enough to manage their own lives and not necessary to depend on the West and America to meddle in Africa's politics. Africans themselves are in a position to lift up the African continent in the course of humanity to the top of the dams, but massive corruption dominates the leaders mind than the welfare of the poor and helpless Africans.

The so called educated white folk would have to learn, study and to listen to the voice of Africans. And if a black writer asks himself : “Why black folks were abused and degraded by other races,” there must be an answer, they shouldn't hide from that question. The bell should ring in your minds.

Most striking to me is the absence of African-Americans and wealthy Africans in the diaspora. Not a single one is reaching his hand towards Africa, Africans, your descendants or us, to help reveal the truth about those man-made origins of Aids and Ebola. The Africans in the Diaspora now looked like whites and act like whites. They are not real Africans anymore!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to know why the other races of mankind, especially the white race, abused and degraded the black race in such a manner. I have considered this question from every possible angle and yet did not seem to find an answer to it.

It was only recently when I forced myself to grapple with the implications of Quantum Mechanics, that I seem to get a handle on my question. It simply did not add up for the universe to allow one particular race, black people, to be insulted and humiliated in such a manner for no reason.

Of course, I can tell the white man with tears in my eyes, the reason he has abused and degraded the black race. In fact, I have said to all Africans in eighteen articles, my opinion about ‘the origin and spread of Aids.’ We, the Western civilization, has cut off African cultures from the traditional roots and the rest of the world cultures.

We, especially the Dutch, have captured Africans and brought them to America for our own profit. We make money out of blacks. That must be the answer! It is a disgrace to say that, but where does it really go wrong? It will be most certainly not Alexander the Great, although he was also white.

Intelligent Africans can call upon Alexander the Great and ask him why he didn’t prevent the down flow of Africa, instead of giving them an opening by bringing the African people into the stream of ancient civilizations? But…, Alexander didn’t explore the Nile and as a consequence, interior Africa or African people have been isolated from the rest of the world.

Also striking is that some Africans discussed the presence of mosquitoes and why white folk did not penetrate Africa until the nineteenth century? Within one of my hundreds of previous articles, I explained to Africans and the Afro-Americans that white folk has developed diseases and put them with genetic engineering techniques into African mosquitoes in order to kill black folks.

This is the reason the type of mosquitoes in Central Africa are different from normal mosquitoes in Africa. I can imagine that my research may not be satisfactory to many, but you shouldn't doubt what I have said. I have already issued a challenge to all top scientists in Europe and America to prove me wrong, if Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever and other deadly diseases weren't medical crimes against Africa, up till now no one has accepted the challenge.

They are quiet, not because I'm crazy or a liar, but rather they are running away from the truth. They are scared to death if I publish such articles and since I know that fear in their eyes, I will not stop writing or publishing the truth until the time I go down to my grave to rest. They must also live with their crime and guilty conscience forever.

As it were, nature was preserving Africans for a different type of civilization, the one that Africans are best suited for and the type they would lead the world into, a civilization based on love. Nature did not want to corrupt Africans by making them behave as how the other races of mankind behaved hatefully.

All human beings, white, black and oriental are the same and are coequal. Intelligence is distributed in the same pattern in all the races. As everywhere else, few Africans have superior intelligence, some have above average intelligence and most of them are average and a handful is mentally retarded. If Africans are the same as other people, why are they treated differently?

Dear Africans, in my investigations about ‘Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind’ I  explained the reason white folks have driven black people backward, I will do so again within the next articles. The white folks knew that Africans are intrinsically interested in understanding the meaning of love around them and the world they see.

Africans want to understand the implications of their living and seem to be the consciousness that they are more than matter. Revealing my investigation of Aids and Ebola as medical crimes, made me a whistle-blower, passing through lot of difficulties in my country, Holland, in a situation I could describe it as 'Darkness fighting the light.'

Europe has exhausted itself, and it will continue to do so. Therefore it is now time for Africans to take over the reins of human civilization and to take your continent to a higher phase of civilization yourself. But never, NEVER be grateful to the whites for what they have done for you because they are too much in debt.

Europeans absolutely do not deserve that gratitude. On the contrary, I would say, of course, you have the right to say that love means union with all beings, I cannot deny that. To be truly human is to love all people. Black folks do love; they love white folks despite white folk’s abuse of them. All those facts are true, only…, white folks haven’t even started to learn those facts.

“In my opinion white smartness is a form of stupidity.” I need to say that because it's absolutely not smart to degrade, abuse or backward African people in such a way. In the West, smart white people get the Nobel Prize for their criminal actions in Africa, which in my opinion, the Nobel Prize organization is also a criminal institute…!

Every nation that has committed a crime in Africa, during the colonial rule or with medical crimes, should accept the responsibility for all the misery in Africa. We cannot exculpate this mess passed on to the Africans. People can only live in peace together if they can live at peace with itself. Only then can insidious diseases, wars, riots and natural disasters that are increasingly bringing humanity into disrepair be stopped.

At the end of the last millennium all threats were known and the overall globalization of the third millennium. We should not forget the overall findings by the Aztecs as they mentioned the cataclysm year of 2012. Is it meaningless? I really don’t know. We should wait, but further destroying of our world will become increasingly intense, with protests, terror, and calls for war.

I really think we now have to face another sort of cataclysm. Refugee Migration! I also think that we need this to let white people understand what it takes to get a better future. Therefore I call upon every African or African refugees to come to the Western world to take back what belongs to you. Yes, Western Europe looted the African continent and all those riches they are now boasting of are still here. Come and enjoy your fruits of labour Africans.

Europeans didn't only stole your wealth, but also your health, prosperity, and identity. This way the white ones will be forced to change their attitude. We can not shoot every black person as happening in America, we cannot drown every African in the Mediterranean Sea and we cannot kill every African with contaminated vaccines and poisonous medicines.

The mere fact that the net assets of the sixty-two richest people, like Soros, Gates, Rockefeller, Zuckerberg, and Rothchild, surpass the total income of the suffering and the underprivileged, indicates that the gap between rich and poor has become unbridgeable. They use this money in many projects to depopulate the world, sometimes without knowing it. Over a hundred employees of the World Health Organization are paid by Bill and Linda Gates. What about the secretly paid employees in other so-called distinguish organizations?

Pecuniary wealth has become concentrated in countries outside Africa, a continent plundered of human beings and wealth by the whites. In over one hundred poor countries, it's just a sharp drop in the average income shown and that worldview is an increasingly rapid process to the detriment of Africa, which is not changing for the better.

Africans, you talked about God? I have long wondered exactly who He is and why He allows people to dice with African people for their own gain. I am not God, of course not, but certainly I know that He God is neither Ego, white, black, Jehovah, Muslim, Christian or Jew. Yes, God is not even an entity but still present.

I think the current belief on earth is, people feel they will not succeed in describing him as the Ultimate Source and power of the universe. The closest way to describe him to me seems to Quantum Mechanic and Physic theories but just then, humans forever will be humans until they have eradicated themselves.

Africans sorry!!!! But does my sorry and shame help? I doubt it, the only thing that will rest is to give the world back to the African natives and their splendid traditional healers….. A world without white conquerors…!


Suicide tendencies can be eliminated by seeing the doctor or praying

Suicide tendencies can be eliminated by seeing the doctor or through prayers

Everyone has wonderful hopes, dreams, and expectations of their future, but many times what we are looking for never come our way. Some of us have been robbed of our joy through the loss of a loved one and many feel lonely and hopeless when they find themselves in abusive homes and domestic violence.

In such a troubled world, it's very easy to see the ailments of the society taking its toll on people. The high rate of unemployment and divorce, are also some of the causes leading to depression. It's not surprised that psychologists have confirmed that the ailments of people can be traced from the homes and environment they were raised.

We understand that as human beings, we are bound to face difficulties in our lives, the important question is: How do we handle those problems we experience? According to World Federation for Mental Health, depression is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease and affects people in all communities across the world.

Today, depression is estimated to affect 350 million people. The World Mental Health Survey conducted in 17 countries found that on average about 1 in 20 people reported having an episode of depression. But do you know that you have the power to overcome loneliness and depression?

Why some people easily succumbed to depression and others able to resist? The happy people we often meet on the street are not super humans. They are only happy because experience in life has taught them that happiness is yourself. You have the power to make yourself happy or miserable.

Someone can make you unhappy, prevent your success, or do everything to hurt you, but so long as you are a living being, you have the power, desire, inspiration or everything it takes to liberate yourself from that misery, loneliness or depression.

Fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness can easily be prevented than you know. Instead of living on drugs and alcohol, which rather increase your psychological problems, there are some recommended steps which can keep one far from loneliness and depression. 

Reading interesting books as a hobby can capture your imagination to avoid depression.

If you love to stay at home, please cultivate the habit of taking a walk through the gardens, doing window shopping, joining social clubs. Going to the gym to exercise once or twice a week doesn't only keep you fit but also psychologically healthy. 

You may have a hidden talent but you don't know. Find out what you are very good at, follow it and start blogging to create your happiness.

Another important factor is financial matters, which often wear people down psychologically. When facing financial problems, you need a healthy mind to find your way out not a depressed mind.  

I can't do it, I'm not sure I can succeed, there is nothing left for me in life, are all 'symptoms' of depression. Take away the shackle off your body and free mind from the psychological chain damaging your health. 

Never waste your time on someone who doesn't love you. He or she will never be satisfied even if you sacrifice your whole life. Be always calm and aspire to greater things in life because the power of positive thinking works.


If you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink

If you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink

Many don't realize how precious life is and often gamble with it as if it has a duplicate. Not at all, life has no duplicate because we only die once and some of these deaths are so painful that it destroy an entire family.

Every year, within a relatively short period from December 30/31 to January 1, many are left behind with sad stories. Some of these tragedies could have been prevented. 

It's great to see the end of the year, ready to cross over to the new year. We meet families and attend parties but along the line, many make wrong decisions.

If you drive to a party or see the family, absent-mindedly you may drink a lot without realizing it because you are happy. If you see yourself in such situation please don't drive home.

Let someone qualified to drive who hasn't taken any alcohol to drive you home or leave the vehicle behind and join the public transport home. Had I known, is always at last.

You may not drive but one can easily get entangled in a road accident. Drivers that often drink and drive during festive periods, under the influence of alcohol lose control when driving.

Pedestrians must, therefore, be careful on the streets to be safe. Be like a bodyguard and use both your eyes and ears where ever you are. 

Finally, put off all lighted candles before going to bed. Pets such as dogs or cats can accidentally push down a lighted candle to set a house ablaze. You may not only lose your house but also your life.

Life is beautiful, we should forgive if anyone offends us. That doesn't  only bring peace and happiness but also improves health. 

Joel Savage is an African writer. Anyone interested in the diversity of culture can visit the Amazon book page of this writer. 

With love, I wish everyone, including my fans and readers 'Happy Xmas holidays and New Year' in advance.

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